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Clogged Pores Home Remedy

Clogged Pores Home Remedy, the following list are some of the home remedies for Clogged Pores (acne) treatment that I recommend, I have found these home remedies for acne to be extremely effective to get rid of pimples, skin pores and blackheads on nose, on cheek and on forehead. 

Some of these techniques will show you  how to unclog pores at home using basic home remedies. Also, these tips on how to get rid of clogged pores have been used by a wide cross section of people of various nationality, for which some of these tips have been used for hundreds of years and stand the test of time, as such I recommend the following home remedies that I have found to be the best treatment for clogged pores.

Clogged Pores Home Remedy;
1.      Increase your intake of Fish oil and flax seed oil, Omega 3’s actually hydrate your skin from the inside out and have the added benefit of diluting the skin’s sebum helping to unclog pores. It is somewhat easier to get enough omega 6, but many people lack omega 3s. Fish and flax seed oils are some of the best sources.
2.      Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil.
3.      Beta Hydroxy Acids – salicylic acid. Like glycolic acid, salicylic acid is used as a chemical peel. This makes it possible for it to penetrate the sebum in the pores to help remove blockages and blackheads. Salicylic acid helps reduce the number of cells around the follicles of your skin's oil glands. Available in lotions, creams, and pads, it must be used continuously to keep pores unclogged.
4.      Exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin cells. Eliminating loose cells can help reduce the clogging
5.      Moisturize regularly to keep skin soft. As with cleansers, use a product designed for your skin type. If the lotion causes pimples, try something for sensitive skin
6.      Increase your intake of Water and avoid greasy, fried and spicy foods where necessary.
7.      Switch to water based make up where ever possible. Never ever go to bed at night without having first removed your make up.

8.      Using deep-cleansing facial treatments is also an effective way to clear pores. Consider using a deep-cleansing mask once or twice a week to remove oil and dirt from your pores. Make your own facial mask with 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt, 1 teaspoon of honey, and 1 teaspoon of olive oil. Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl. Apply the mixture to your face liberally, making sure to avoid the delicate area under the eyes. Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes and then wash it off with warm water. This simple facial mask will penetrate deep into the pores, removing impurities while nourishing and softening the skin. Again, do a patch test first before applying the mask to your face.
9.      Make your own facial deep cleanser by making a paste using 2 teaspoons of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of tea tree oil. Apply the paste to your face in a circular motion. Gently massage it deep into the skin and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes. Wash your face with warm water and pat dry. Try a patch test on the inside of your arm first to make sure it doesn't irritate your skin.
10.  If you have oily skin, then you may be familiar with clay masks. They are great for managing excess oil and for leaving skin incredibly clean feeling. Mix a little clay powder with water and then spread over your face. Leave it on until it dries and then rinse and enjoy your skin!
11.  Open and purify your pores with some aromatic steam. While you are boiling water, wash your face with your facial cleanser to get rid of any makeup or dirt. I add five drops of lavender essential oil to the hot water and then hold my face over the rising steam with a towel over my head. Keep your eyes closed! You can also use other essential oils like rose, as peppermint or strawberry leaves. Follow with an absorbent clay mask to help draw out debris, or simply tone and moisturize if you are short on time.
12.  Place 3 tbsp. of honey and 2 tsp. of ground cinnamon into a bowl. Mix the two together thoroughly. Wash your hands. Use your clean fingers to apply the honey mixture to either your entire face or just the affected areas. Leave the mask on your skin for 20 minutes. Wash off with warm water and a clean washcloth. Alternately, leave the mask on overnight for extremely clogged pores.
13.  Rehydrate your face with a mild non-comedogenic moisturizer after cleansing. A moisturizer will prevent your skin from becoming dry and reduces existing dryness. Dry skin particles enter and clog the pores.
14.  Use an application of Benzoyl Peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide is a topical acne treatment that can be used instead of, but not combined with, salicylic acid. It helps to reduce and/or eliminate bacteria on skin. In addition, it dries the excess oil and dirt from the skin that helps unclog pores. Your skin may seem to worsen before you notice improvement for the first three weeks of use. Follow the recommended dosage suggested by your physician.
15.  Apple Cider Vinegar and Salt is a regularly used, natural remedy to get rid of blackheads. To use apple cider vinegar and salt on the skin, mix 4 tbsp. apple cider vinegar with 1 tsp. of plain table salt in a small spray bottle with a top. Shake the bottle to dissolve the salt and spray the combination on the affected areas. Alternately, gently rub the mixture onto the skin with a clean cotton ball or pad. Leave the mixture on the skin for up to two hours before rinsing with cool water.
16.  Fresh neem leaves, turmeric powder and honey are commonly used together to get rid of blackheads on the face in Ayurvedic medicine. To use this mixture on the skin, combine 1/2 cup of fresh neem leaves with 1 tsp. powdered turmeric and 2 tsp. honey in a blender or food process and blend for 60 seconds. Spread a thin layer of the mixture on the affected area and leave it on for up to one hour. Wash the skin with cool water and a gentle cleanser after applying this mixture.
17.  Lemon juice and water can assist in acne care however there are other steps that can be taken to further assist in your quest to rid of acne; Exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin cells. Eliminating loose cells can help reduce the clogging
18. Crush a low-dose aspirin, add an ounce of water to dissolve. An anti-inflammatory and should reduce the redness from bites or stings, pimples, and ingrown hairs because it contains salicylic acid, the active ingredient in acne medicines.
19. Cornstarch. Cornstarch dries up oily patches. Mix 1 to 3 tablespoons cornstarch with enough warm water to make a paste. Rub on your face, let dry, and then shower or rinse off with lukewarm water in the sink. Try this once a day for best results.
20. A fast fix for removing oil shine requires one of the simplest foods: the egg. An egg yolk mask dries out the skin. Apply the egg yolk with a cotton ball to oily spots. Leave on for 15 minutes, then rinse with cool water,.
21. Honey is an age old home remedy for acne. Take some cinnamon powder and mix it with honey, making a smooth paste. Now apply the paste on the affected area (or the whole face if you feel like it). Leave it on like a mask till it dries out completely. Once you feel its dry, wash it off gently. The honey should have taken down the swelling of the acne, and the pack should have made your skin firm and soft.
22. Vodka can be applied to the skin to reduce facial wrinkles.
23. Sulfur helps break down blackheads and whiteheads. Sulfur, in its native form, is a yellow crystalline solid. Sulfur has been used for centuries for treating acne, psoriasis and eczema.
24. Lemon rind is also a good skin cleanser and softener, just rub the rind over desired areas and let stand for 5minutes and rinse with tepid water

How to Prevent Clogged Pores;
How to prevent cloged pores, it is important to keep your skin clear and take care of your body from within then the oils which are meant to leave your body can become trapped in the pores creating clogging, pimples, black heads spots and if untreated for a long time can develop into acne.

The following five(5) tips if used effectively can prevent blocked clogged pores from forming in the first place.

Tip #1 – Cleanse Your Skin
A facial cleanser that contains proven natural ingredients is best, and ideally use one from a trusted brand. Regardless of your skin type (dry, oily, sensitive) everyone needs to cleanse their skin to remove impurities, external elements and sweat. 

Tip #2 – Remove Makeup

Remove all makeup before going to bed. Another tip with makeup is to choose only oil free makeup and use a primer to stop the makeup seeping into your pores.


Tip #3 – Use Natural Ingredient Products
A good skin care product will use as many natural ingredients as they can utilize which will help you to have unclogged pores and glowing, blemish free skin.

Tip #4 – Exfoliate Your Skin
Regular exfoliation helps to prevent acne from forming and improves skin circulation. Exfoliating your skin on a regular basis will help to remove the dead skin from your body, helping to clear your clogged pores and expose new skin. 

Tip #5 – Try Over-The-Counter Products
Try over-the-counter products that contain salicylic acid to prevent clogged pores that lead to whiteheads and blackheads. Treat excessively oily skin with products that contain benzoyl peroxide. Use products with labels that say as non-comedogenic or non-acnegenic, which means they are made without oily ingredients.  The best over-the-counter (OTC) acne treatments products contains 0.5-2% Salicylic Acid. Typically, persons that apply Benzoyl peroxide once to twice a day is arguably the most effective ingredient in acne clogged pores treatment. It is available in non-prescription and prescription, ranging from 2.5% to 10% , masks, lotions, cleansers gels and creams.

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