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Antibiotics For Acne - Clogged Pores

Antibiotics For Acne, while antibiotics can be very effective for some cases, they are not necessarily the best way to cure acne. Your doctor will try to identify whether there is an underlying condition or trigger that is causing your acne. However for symptomatic treatment of severe acne, doctors also prescribe topical antibiotics (gels, creams and ointments). At the initial stage of antibiotic therapy of acne, high doses of antibiotics are prescribed, followed by gradual decrease of their dosage.

A number of the most commonly encountered acne antibiotics are the following:
- Tetracycline
- Minocycline
- Erythromycin
- Doxycycline
Children under 12 years should not take tetracycline-based antibiotics. Do not take tetracycline-based antibiotics if you are pregnant, breast-feeding, or intend to become pregnant.

Topical Treatment (Creams, gels And lotions)

- Benzoyl peroxide

- Topical retinoids

- Topical antibiotics

- Azelaic acid

- Antibiotics tablets

- Hormonal therapies

- Isotretinoin

- Non-pharmaceutical treatments
  (comedone extracto, chemical peels, photodynamic therapy)

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  4. natural remedies for acne scars - using Ice
    Ice is very easy and quick home remedy for get rid of pimples.Ice reduces the swelling,redness.It also improves the blood circulation.

    Take ice cubes and cover with clean piece of cloth
    Hold it on pimples affected area.
    Repeat the process with a gap of few minutes.